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About Us

From Malibu to New York, with a few stops in-between, today we’re based in Nashville. And we bring with us classic European imports, designed to achieve a sleek and modern Southern home.

Patina + Co is a grassroots antique company run by two moms with a love of design.

It all started when Monica met with an antiques dealer. We were entertaining the idea of buying in bulk, and we wanted to try our hand in Nashville. After relocating from New York—Monica lived on the Upper West Side, while Stacy proudly hailed from Brooklyn—we realized we could be on to something.

The two of us had different styles. Nonetheless, we complemented each other. And so, we set off to support our growing families and artist husbands, all while redefining the antique experience.

And let us tell you: the process was exhilarating! It involved endless hours in a moving truck, transporting dozens of pieces of furniture (often with one of us wearing a baby), and embracing the boundless support of our friends and community.

Stressful? At times, yes. But we would do it again, 100 times over.

There’s no ego in it for us. Today Patina evokes emotions of gratitude, community, abundance, pride, and fun. (Fun is an emotion, right?) 

This is the stuff we’re made of. It’s what our buyers are made of too.

Why Choose Patina?

Our mission here at Patina is to make antiques accessible to everyone. We focus on a unique blend of volume and quality, all while putting our clients first.

It’s no secret the design and decorating world can feel intimidating at times. We’ve all been there. Today we’re all about bringing things back down to earth.

You see, everyone has a unique eye for style. Sometimes that eye just needs to be opened for you! This is how Patina stands out. We have met some of the kindest designers and decorators in Nashville, many of whom have become good friends of ours, and we genuinely love it when they buy from us.

Our community is truly our bread and butter. For this reason, everyone who steps inside our doors receives the same treatment. 

We take pride in working with people from all walks of life: first-time homeowners, parents looking for pieces that will grow with their kids, young professionals coming into their own, and empty-nesters craving a change.

No matter who you are, Patina is here for you.

“Source old. Style new. We believe in legacy pieces that will last for the ages. Originals that never go out of style. Pieces that have a beautiful story to tell and that will become a part of yours for generations to come.” ~ Monica & Stacy

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